Casino Tourism 2024: Top Locations in Europe for Gamblers

Gambling has been one of the favorite sports to ever exist in the history of mankind. It has been around since time immemorial, with its roots dating back to the early Roman empires around the 1st century BCE. From watching and betting on gladiators in the early days, till the opening of the first casino in 1638, a lot has changed, but the basics remain the same, bidding, little bit of luck, and lots of practice to make you perfect.

The recent years have forced everyone to stay indoors, restricted within the territory of their rooms and houses. COVID-19, and the global lockdowns that followed eventually taught the world the importance of technology and many advancements were made to keep everyone connected. This also meant that a lot of the things which were earlier meant for offline enjoyment were shifted online. Casinos are one of the great examples of this transition. If you want to take a look at the best online casinos, please visit

However, now that the condition has gotten much better, and restrictions are being lifted up by the authorities of various countries, gamblers and players can once again try their skills and luck in person at the local casinos. However, if you want to enjoy the real sense of casinos, then you might also book a ticket to Europe, which is considered to be the casino heaven. Mentioned below are the top casino locations you cannot miss in Europe:

1. Monte Carlo, France


Starting at the first place on the list is one of the finest and most expensive casinos (and possibly the place to live as well) of Europe is the Casino of Monte Carlo, or as it is officially called, Casino de Monte-Carlo. This magnificent and 157 years old casino is located in the Monaco region of France, and is the top choice of gamblers from all over the world.The idea to built this casino was of the Princess Caroline of the House Grimaldi, which owns and runs the casino, as a measure to get revenue flowing into the system.

The casino strictly allows only for the tourists, and the local citizens of Monaco are not allowed to enter the gold and marble building. They have guards at the gates to check your passport upon arrival to ensure that only tourists from other nationalities are going in. Moreover, you simply cannot just show up in a casual outfit. All in all, it is a place of esteem, class and standard, and they expect their guests to follow and respect the same. Almost all sorts of casino games are available here for players and gamblers to try, without any limit of spending money.

2. Dragonara Casino, Malta


Located on the end of St Julian’s peninsula, Dragonara Casino was opened in 1964, when Malta was transitioning from being an agricultural major to a tourist destination. The casino is made inside of the Dragonara Palace, which served as the summer beach house of a banker named Emmanuele Scicluna, who later became an important figure in Maltese history.

Before the Palace was converted into a casino, which now attracts guests from all over the world, the place served as a temporary hospital during WWI and a refugee spot in WWII. Now, the casino is one of the most popular spots in Malta, and in all of Europe. Open 24/7, the casino provides players and gamblers all sorts of games and tricks, and has contributed immensely in the development of the country.

St. Julian’s also has 2 more casinos in addition to this one, both of which are highly reputed and enjoyable.

3. Casino President, Prague


Located at Hotel President in Marie Curieovych, Casino President is one the most famous casinos in the city of Prague. Prague is best known for its wild and happening night life, and has been a very well-known tourist spot for decades now. The city has a few casinos, out of which the President is the most famous.

The place opens its gates for gamblers, players and audiences at 10pm every night and the session goes up to 4am in the dawn. Like most casinos, this one too has a dress code, and bans jeans and sneakers. Moreover, in addition to all the card games, and poker tables, there is an additional game, called Carribean Poker, a card game, which is played in a group of five(5) and against the house.

So if you are an experienced player who knows how to win a game, this is your place to be. Be careful to dress up before stealing the show with your talent. Additionally, Prague has over 20 casinos, majority of which are open during the peak hours, 10pm to 5am.

4. Casino Wien, Vienna


Located in the gorgeous city Vienna, Casino Wien is as beautiful as the city itself. Open to international as well as local players, this casino is quite famous in Vienna, and has become a go-to tourist destination. The place offers regular games like baccarat, roulette, and blackjack. It is magnificent, with the Jackpot Casino located on the ground floor, where all the major action takes place. The upper three floors are dedicated to world-class arcade games and game salons, which has its own fandom.

This place, unlike most other casinos in Europe, does not have a style code. You are free to wear whatever suits you, whatever you are comfortable in. The only requirement is that you should be at least 18 years old to enter the place, and carry a valid photo identification proof along with you. That’s it. From there, the sky’s the limit.


Casino and gambling have been around for a long time and have garnered its own massive following. A special mention to London, UK, where gambling is the most favorite pastime. People who are gambling should remember a few points. Never gamble in anger or when overwhelmed by any emotion. Moreover, one should never try to experiment their money away while under the influence of any substance. Gambling requires a calm mind with sane decisions. So be careful and play along.