How Many Times a Day Can You Use a Curling Iron?

Beauty trends are constantly changing requiring women from all around the world to adapt to them. This refers to everything, from the way you are doing your make-up to the ways you are styling your hair. We can not neglect the fact that in the previous period, curly hair has become so popular. Unfortunately, since very few women are having naturally curly hair, they are trying some alternatives to achieve that look.

Curly hairs are considered very attractive and glamorous. If the women have beautiful waves or curls, she will look beautiful even without make-up according to many stylists. There are different ways of curling hair, however, every woman knows that the best long-lasting hairstyle she will get is by using a curling iron.

Since we are all aware of the fact that these types of appliances come with high temperatures, many are asking whether a curly iron can cause hair loss. In order to get the answer to this question, we will primarily distinguish two things – temporary or permanent hair loss and damaged hair.

We are using a lot of hair on a daily basis and this is a completely normal and natural process. Some factors can affect hair loss at some level such the stress, genetics, our lifestyles, deficiencies in our food, etc. However, even though we can not stop our hair from falling, there are so many things that we can do to prevent damage to our hair.

The extreme heat and inequality appliances that we regularly use such as curly iron are some of those things.

How the Curly Iron Damages Hair


In general, our hair can be damaged by any heat extremes. Therefore, when you are using a curling iron you should pay attention to the temperatures that you are adjusting. If you set the temperature above 340 degrees, you can expect that the appliance will cause permanent damage to your heart.

Curly iron devices are coming with very high heat features. In fact, some of them can go to 400 or 420 degrees. The heat of this level is effecting the internal hair structure and breaks down hydrogen bonds. When the damage is done, it will take a lot of time to let your hair grow out again and look healthy.

We must highlight one important thing – there is no direct connection between the usage of curly iron and hair loss. However, there is hair damage occurs as the result of curly iron usage.

Every woman deserves to have perfect hair. The women’s confidence level and self-esteem will depend on how beautiful she thinks she is. When the woman is feeling good in her skin and she is satisfied with her look, especially with her hairstyle, she will feel amazing. Therefore, we are here to help you feel beautiful and amazing and not damage your hair. If you want to use curly iron – you should, and you can proudly wear those waves and look stunning and attractive. At the same time, you will not have to worry about hair loss.

There are just two things to pay attention to while you are using a curly iron. The first is, as we said, not to use high temperatures. You will get the same wanted look even if you use a low-temperature level. The second thing is investing in high-quality curly devices.

What type of curly device you should look for?


Now, you can find so many different curly irons on the market from different brands. Logically, it can be very overwhelming to choose the right appliance since you are not the expert and you are not seeing any differences. Because of that, we are going to tell you what type of appliance you should look for.

You should look for a curling iron that is made with a 100% of tourmaline ceramic barrel and it comes with features of far infrared heat technology that can naturally emit negative ions in order to fight frizz such as NumeHair curly iron device.

Achieving the perfect curls was never been so easy with this game-changing device. You will get shiny and glamorous hair without worrying whether you are going to damage your hair. Additionally, this device is good since it can provide you to make different curly forms from tight ones to beach waves.

How many times a day can you use a curling iron?


It’s not just the curly iron that damages your hair. You should know that any heating device that you are using on your hair that comes with high eat temperatures can affect your hair structure and damage it. This means that flat irons and the blow dryer that you are using can also cause heat damage.

Therefore, whatever the device you are using for your hair, you should find a reliable and high-quality one that is created in the way to minimize damage.

One more thing that you should know is the more you heat the hair, the more it will affect the health of the hair. Because of that, we suggest you not use the heating device any more times a day. In fact, if you purchase a high-quality device, you can ensure that your hairstyle will last for a whole week until you decide to wash your hair.

It is always better to research carefully and to invest in an excellent device that you are going to use. If you buy the cheap one blindly, not only that you will not be satisfied with the results, so you will have to curl your hair constantly, but you will also damage your hair a lot.

Healthy Hair Is the Key

By having healthy hair, you will feel much greater, since it will always look perfect. Coloring your hair, bleaching it, and using different cosmetics should also damage your hair as much as the heat. Therefore, you should maintain your hair and use quality products that will not harm it.