How Much Do Online Casinos Make A Year?

Online casinos are all the rage now. They are convenient, easy to register, easy to play at, easy to fund your account and all of that from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to move at all, yet you are in an online casino with all the goodies available to you.

There are several things that online casino is better at than the brick and mortar ones and those are the things that attract us the most. One thing everyone is blown away by is the all kinds of bonuses available to us on signup, account funding or the first game played. These are the things that are now more valuable than the stuff we used to get like free rooms, buffets and similar things. This is where online casinos exploded and started bringing in more and more people.

That fact is what made us write about this, or even try to write about the topic of the day. Most of us are probably wondering how much these casinos make and it is a legitimate question that is rather hard to answer. Before we try to answer we want to direct your attention to aussie online pokies as a place to get the most out of your games every time.

Now when it comes to the revenue that online casinos make you need to understand how this works. The amount of money they earn a year isn’t the money that we pay to play it is the money we leave them when we lose a bet.


Imagine this you fund your account with $100 and you play for a week with that. You are constantly up and down and you win some and lose some. The casino can’t show your account as the money they have earned as long as you keep playing. You may be down $50 by the end of week one and that is the only amount they can show as revenue. But that again is nothing solid because the next week you may be up $500 for instance. If this is a bit confusing you are right because it is. Here is the way that the net worth of the online casino is calculated.

The net win of the casino is the difference between what we as players pay for a losing bet and what the casino pays us for that win. But again, that is still not a clear profit. There are more things you need to consider and those are operational costs that these casinos have. The net win that the casinos earn is used for these purposes. After all the operational costs are settled then whatever is left can be considered a clear profit for the casino.

What most of us know and many of us are reluctant to admit is that most of these casinos are made to make the owner profit which means that there is a guarantee when profitability is considered. This is the clear reason for that saying – the house always wins.


Although there is a soul now and then that manages to rack up a huge profit the game of statistics and numbers always goes to the benefit of a casino. Even if 100 people manage to take the casino for a significant sum there are thousands or even hundreds of thousands of those that will lose money the same day, month or year. So, as you can see the profit is guaranteed but that doesn’t mean that casinos can’t fail. They do fail and it’s more often than you would think. This is where RTP jumps in to save the day.

RTP or return to player is showing a percentage of money that the casino will return to a player after a certain amount of games, spins or something else. RTP is set by the game makers and it can vary from 93% to 98% meaning that on your $100 investment, for instance, you will get back anything between $93 to $98 and the difference is held by the casino. This is how the casino ensures they earn money and avoid all possible losses and this is the reason all of your online games have RTPs written in the about game section.

Although RTP sounds bad for the player, you can exploit this by finding the game that has the biggest return to the player and playing it for maximum profits. Try to avoid games that are volatile and have huge bonuses because those do sound appealing but they will be difficult to conquer in a short term. Another thing to know is that odds on roulette for instance and RTP is what is known as house edge. The RTP and odds are not the same and if you play a game like roulette it will offer you odds from 36:1 to 38:1 depending on which type of the roulette you are playing. The RTP and odd are not the same, again, and the difference between those two is what the casino cashes in clean.


Although online casinos are better for those of us who like the coziness and convenience of our homes, they are a bit more money grabbing and they will make sure to make a profit off of each and one of us. Does this mean that they are bad, well, no! It is a gambling game and at the end of the day, your luck, restraint, strategy and other things determine whether you win or lose.

The exact amount of profit that an online casino makes a year is difficult to calculate and difficult to report. Numerous factors influence their return just like numerous factors influence your winnings. The fact is that we see fewer online casinos getting closed, except for those that were in shady waters from the beginning, than we see brick-and-mortar casinos going out of business. The conventional way of gambling is closing to the end and we are all aware of that. What we can expect next to happen is virtual reality online casinos that will offer the best of both worlds and there will be nothing that can parry that. Is it a good or a bad thing we shall see, then worry less and enjoy gambling more!

Best of luck and be a responsible gambler as always.