Top 5 Players Ever To Play In The Major League Soccer

When we take into account all the sports that we can watch live or next to small screens in our homes, we can freely conclude that football is one of the most popular and most-watched of all time. This is due to the long game that lasts some 90 minutes in which countless surprises can await us from the players on the field.

Fans of this sport who follow every match that takes place on the field, often say that the euphoria and adrenaline with each passing minute are increasing. They also mention that there is no greater happiness and joy than watching your favorite football club and your favorite player live in one of the stadiums where the football match is played. The feeling of being witnessed live when one of the best footballers plays, they say, was indescribable.

We have seen a bunch of iconic names in Major League Soccer who defined the game in their own right. In this article, we will discuss 5 of the greatest players to play in Major League Soccer.

According to the current rankings of the top football leagues in the world, Major League Soccer occupies the 7th spot. Even a lot of sportsbook reviews never cease to attest to the quality of this league. This league has only had a run of 25 seasons but have quickly grown to be popular and are gradually attracting better players.

1. Landon Donovan


Donovan’s professional football career kicked off at San Jose Earthquakes in 2001. As a rookie at the time, he was one that made great moves adapting leading to a successful three-year run in the club. His move to Los Angeles Galaxy did him a lot of good as that was where he stamped his name as an iconic figure in Major League Soccer.

His reign at Los Angeles Galaxy between 2005-and 2014 led him on the right path to clinching relevant awards like the MLS MVP, Goal of the Year winner, and many more. Donovan also stretched his limits by hitting the highest career assists in the MLS and being the second-highest goalscorer of all time in the MLS. Given all these lifetime achievements, it is not shocking that he tops this list.

2. Chris Wondolowski


If you have been actively following the MLS since 2009, this is one player that needs no introduction. Wondolowski is a brilliant forward who was a nightmare for teams he played against.  This forward is currently the all-time leading goalscorer, giving a wide berth to those following behind. He has packed several other awards like the MLS best XI, MLS MVP, MLS golden boot winner, and a host of others. It is sad to see this icon playing his last season but one thing is sure, he won’t be forgotten in a jiffy.

3. Jaime Moreno


Moreno is one of the early MLS footballers who kicked off his career in 1996. His debut season in the MLS was with DC United where he played for a long stretch. He played for DC United for as long as 13 years and within that period, he made sure to set records that are still considered a huge feat. Moreno has a bunch of awards to his belt, like the MLS cup winner, MLS Best XI, and a bunch of others.

One of the most astounding records he was able to set during his days was being the first MLS player to hit 100 goals and 100 assists. In the current rankings for the all-time highest goal scorers in the MLS, he sits comfortably at the 4th spot. Jaime Moreno is every inch a big name and rarely skips the conversation when MLS greats are being discussed.

4. Robbie Keane


Robbie Keane played in the MLS for about five years, yet within that short time, he left a mark that leaves him deserving of a spot on this list. Keane playing alongside the likes of David Beckham and Landon Donovan made the Los Angeles Galaxy formidable. Within four years, the team won the MLS Cup three times. This forward also bagged a lot of other lifetime achievements like the MLS Best XI, MLS MVP, and a wide range of others. It is without any iota of doubt that Robbie Keane had a very successful run in the MLS.

5. Dwayne De Rosario


This list would be incomplete without the mention of this iconic player. Nearly every article covering the greatest MLS players always finds a way of chipping him in their lists. Dwayne De Rosario was a wonder in every sense. He was known for always scoring jaw-dropping goals, case in point – the golden goal to win the 2001 MLS Cup. Dwayne De Rosario kicked off his football career with San Jose Earthquakes in 2001. He played for the team for four years before moving to Houston Dynamo in 2006.

His time with Houston Dynamo only lasted two before moving to Toronto FC. Typically, he spent two years also with that team before finding better opportunities at DC United. His career in Major League Soccer is very eventful. He was able to bag a lot of achievements that make him highly rated to date. He won several awards like the Golden Boot Winner, MLS Goal of the Year, MLS MVP, and a host of others. Dwayne De Rosario is a great player in every right and given his achievements in Major League Soccer, that can’t be questioned.

Why are these guys worth mentioning and being on this list? There are several reasons why we decided on them, and these are the following:

  • They have a special passion for football

To be one of the best in the sport, you do not just have to have the talent to succeed on the field. What these guys have is a passion for football, which could not be said for some other football players. They are simply ready to leave their heart on the field, with each subsequent game we see how they willingly and completely give their maximum and simply do not allow a single defeat to discourage them. For them, losing a battle does not mean losing a war. We can also notice through the small screens that they always try to do their best and make the club as well as the loyal fans proud of them.

  • They have a team spirit

Football is a team game where with joint forces the players manage to beat the opponent. There are individuals who do not have a team spirit, and simply do not know how to function in a group. So these individuals decide to play for themselves and thus contribute to the success of the team. The players we presented today have that characteristic, and they have a team spirit that makes them stand out from the crowd. They do not allow pride and ego to prevail on the field but want to give each of their members an equal chance to prove themselves on the grass and all together contribute to victory.

  • They have a huge fan base

What motivates the players and makes them continue to do what they know best is their fans. When you hear their cheers on the field and the joy in their voices when a player scores a goal, then you will understand why these players are on this list. Fans are a kind of source of energy for football players, and they manage to fill the players with positive emotions and vibrations. Even in moments when players make mistakes and do not play well on the field, the fans are here to give them unconditional love and support.

Fresh talent and new players will come in the future, but that does not mean that these 5 legends on this list will be forgotten. On the contrary, they will be remembered as one of the best talents in the history of football.