How to Control Your Emotions When Gambling Online  

Emotions are a very strange part of people’s lives – they can overwhelm you at the worst possible moment or be absent when you need them most. Sometimes they can help us make a good decision, but sometimes they are to blame for a series of bad decisions that lead to bigger disasters. One of the worst places to vent your emotions is at the casino, whether you win or lose. In either case, it can be critical for you to make reckless moves that will cost you money.

It’s the same with online casinos. It is even more critical there because you can only confirm transactions with a few clicks, without touching the money, so it seems to you that you do not actually spend much. The truth is that if you act with a lot of emotions, you can make a bigger disaster, especially if you are carried away by the atmosphere.

In order to prevent such outbursts, you need to have control over what you do, and even set a limit that you will respect, so as not to put yourself and your family in an awkward situation.

Self-control while playing online casino


The easiest way to control yourself is to know how much you can afford to spend today, this week, or this month. Limit the amount of money you invest in online casinos. You also need to choose a trusted service that has all the necessary licenses and certificates to organize such games of chance.

For starters, find an online casino that offers no deposit bonuses, so you can see for yourself how the game works, for example, zar casino no deposit bonus. This way you will have a chance to see if you like the concept of the casino if the games are to your liking and if the deposits you need to invest after you use the initial bonus are suitable for you.

You already know that in such activities self-control is crucial. Many people lose everything they have, just because they do not control their emotions and activities and think that with the next attempt, they will get back the lost money. That is why in parts of the world gambling is considered an addiction or a disease, especially for those who can not distinguish between passion and fun and destructive behavior.

Although it is much easier to say and think properly, you actually need to learn and apply the advice in practice. Here are some ways to take control of yourself and your reflexes and emotions, especially when you have to make a decision to stop gambling and go home:

1. Think realistically and rationally

You do not have to hurry, because the worst decisions are made in a hurry. Also, you need to be realistic in your expectations. You may have a chance to get a million dollars if you invest 100 dollars, but the chances are more realistic to get a smaller profit, which is enough for you and then reinvest the money. We all want to win as many prizes as possible, but if you bet $200 on slots and bet $10 on each spin, you will spend it quickly. Therefore, be rational and start with a lower stake, then raise it when you have a profit on your deposit. Only if you are realistic and rational will you spare yourself from your emotions.

2. Stop while you still have time

Rationality and awareness will help you control yourself when you want to double your stakes and you can not afford to lose more money. In fact, it is a voluntary exclusion from the game, when you know that each subsequent move will bring you even greater loss. Therefore, if necessary, ask a loved one to help you and remind you that it is not worth spending all the money today because there is no real chance to change anything. Even if you win, if you have lost several times before, you will hardly be able to return to zero, that is, to the very beginning – as if you have not lost anything.

 3. Emotional discipline


Many people, even non-gamblers, have low levels of emotional discipline. It improves if you exercise self-control and do not let disappointments influence your rational decisions. Impulsive behavior is the greatest enemy of emotional discipline. When you lose at an online casino, you get:

– Fear that you will lose everything.

– Anger, because you can not change anything.

– Sadness, with every desperate attempt to go back.

– Satisfaction when after a few losses, you win again.

– Shame, when you still lose.

You can not avoid these stages, so it is good to stop at the first or second and thus improve the discipline we are talking about.

4. Introduce a certain dose of positivity

Negative thoughts are much more powerful than positive ones, so you need to resist them from the start. Negativity easily leads to a loss of control over emotions. Focus your mind on the affirmations, even when you are losing. Tell yourself that this is just a bad day for you or just a bad episode, get up from the table and be happy that today you have allowed yourself to lose only a few dollars, instead of hundreds or thousands. However, you should also be moderate with positivity, because if you get used to violent positivity, it can otherwise worsen your decisions and make you a loser again.

3. Think of this as a fun activity

Make gambling a fun activity in your spare time. Do not take it seriously, and thus, do not invest serious sums of money. This is the easiest way to prevent any emotions from popping up and disrupting your smart decisions.



Gambling is a risky activity and you must be aware of it from the very beginning. Awareness and rationality are your best friends, while emotions and outbursts are destructive. Learn how to control yourself and you will avoid many unpleasant situations.