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In the latest issue of The Economist, an article entitled “The world isn’t flat: How an unlikely man is helping to win the battle for America’s soul” gives insight into the reason behind the success of certain interesting Republicans.

The article focuses on Tomi Lahren, a conservative political commentator whose recent engagement has garnered a lot of attention. Lahren is a successful, single 22-year-old, who has no desire to get married. She has no real attachment to a man, and is not a gold-digger—her engagement to The Blaze’s owner, Glenn Beck, is a business move to keep The Blaze secure and profitable. She is independent and she has her own mind, and that is

Love Locked Down’s mission is to educate and inform couples and those entering into a committed relationship about the importance of pre-marital and post-marital communication. Our blog will provide you with a place for you to come and share your relationship thoughts and concerns that you may not be able to share with your friends or family.

According to recent studies, humans are experiencing more and more instances of domestic violence. That’s not to say that couples who are married or living together don’t fight, but studies show that domestic violence is on the rise and that it is much more common in certain types of relationships.

The Effects of the Pandemic on the Wedding Industry

THE CENTRAL COAST OF THE UNITED STATES — It’s an understatement to say our lives have altered dramatically in the last year and a half. Not only has the response to the COVID-19 coronavirus altered our lives, but it has also changed the way business is conducted.

Couples come from all over the world to say “I do” right here in our unique corner of the earth, and our gorgeous Central Coast is home to a thriving wedding industry. The wedding business, on the other hand, was severely harmed when health authorities imposed severe limits on travel, social gatherings, and festivities.

Dawn White of Pacific Harvest Catering & ToGo said, “Our business pivoted and created a to-go dinner program for locals that we still do in addition to weddings—which are still half of our business. However, weddings used to be ninety percent of our business.”

We’re going to get through this together, Atascadero

“At the beginning of 2024, I had 120 events on the books, and I did 35,” said Bottles & Ice owner Anissa Hedges. “Of course, at that point, they were all micro-events, like eighteen-person weddings…We were masking up; we were wearing gloves; we had seven bottles of hand sanitizer on the bar. A lot of venues built plexiglass barriers for the bar.”

The epidemic not only altered the way weddings are planned, but it also caused couples and suppliers to reconsider what weddings are.

“We have seen numerous changes in the business as a consequence of the pandemic,” said Kristen Pinter, Managing Partner of Higuera Ranch. “Elopements were not as frequent before to the epidemic, but they seem to be on the rise again! Couples are emphasizing the importance of spending their weekend with their closest relatives and friends. The vows have grown much more personal, and the festivities have a new vigor!”

Hedges said, “I believe it also altered my view on weddings.” “Everyone was just so glad to be out doing anything or to have a feeling of normality, but… those eighteen to thirty person weddings were so much fun, and everyone was so kind and so thrilled to be there,” says the bride.

With couples unable to invite as many family members as previously, wedding videographer Chelsea Schmitz of Stories Told by Film said that hiring a professional videographer has become more important.

Schmitz said, “I used to be one of the last vendors hired, but in a lot of instances, I’ve become the first vendor clients book for their wedding.” With weddings becoming smaller, video has become more essential than ever.”

Schmitz recounted an elopement in which just herself, the photographer, and their two helpers were present. In reality, the elopement was officiated by the photographer’s assistant. This is only one illustration of a broader trend toward smaller, more personal weddings.

Schmitz stated, “Some of the tiniest weddings I’ve shot have been my favorites.”

Pinter said, “Another good effect of the epidemic has been the creation of family via vendor connections!” “We survived the storm together, and now we’re looking forward to realizing our goals. At the ranch, I like seeing the happy smiles of my vendor friends!”

While we have no way of knowing what the future holds, limitations have started to lift for the time being, and things are returning to a kind of normality. Perhaps some of our silver linings will stay with us when the clouds separate to remind us that there is always a way out of a storm.


How many couples are trapped in a never ending battle for security and intimacy? How many couples are in love but not yet married? How many couples are already married but its anything but the happily ever after they hoped it would be? The truth is that love is not a fairy tale, its a real thing that can be difficult and joyful at the same time.. Read more about love lockdown glass animals and let us know what you think.