Father, mother, and son all die within a week after refusing vaccine

In the past week, three people who refused the flu vaccine have died within a week after the vaccine. The deaths are tragic, but especially sad when one learns that the victims were just three days away from their one year anniversary of having their baby.

The CDC reported that during the week of August 12 to August 18, 2017, a total of 120 people died after refusing to receive vaccines. This is in a total of 27 states, from which CDC reported no deaths from vaccination. This is the first time that deaths due to vaccination refusal have led to more than 100 deaths in one week.

This week on Chicago Together, we’re talking about vaccines—specifically, how vaccines are linked to the recent rash of measles outbreaks in the United States. The Associated Press reports that “[t]wenty-one people in the United States have died after being infected with measles, and at least three more cases are suspected,” while “in England, a measles outbreak has claimed the lives of six children and prompted the country’s first confirmed case of a second strain of the virus being transmitted from person to person.”

Francis Goncalves believes his parents were infected with coronavirus when his father was in the hospital for kidney stones (Pictures: Media Wales)

People should receive the vaccination, according to a guy who lost his whole immediate family to Covid in a week.

Francis Goncalves’ mother, father, and brother all died in hospital after getting coronavirus within two weeks.

Despite the fact that his parents and brother had underlying health issues, they refused to take the vaccine.

He told Wales Online, ‘(My family) got caught up in a lot of the anti-vaccination misinformation that’s going around.’

‘It preys on fearful individuals, and they fall into the trap.’

Francis, a 43-year-old Cardiff resident, is now coming out in the hopes of convincing others who have been “misinformed” by conspiracy theorists to be vaccinated.

On July 8, his brother Shaul, 40, invited his parents, Basil, 73, and Charmagne, 65, to supper at his flat in Portugal.

Soon after, they all became sick, with Shaul informing his brother that he felt weary and as if he were “laden with weight.”

Basil and Charmagne were taken to the hospital on July 12 after testing positive for coronavirus.

Basil’s parents are thought to have acquired the illness when he was in the hospital on July 6 for kidney stones.

On the same day, Francis (front right) had to bury both his sibling (front left) and his parents (rear) (Picture: Media Wales)

Basil was placed in an induced coma in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after two days due to underlying health issues.

Francis had texted his parents briefly, but they were without phone chargers in the hospital, and he had been depending on Shaul for information while he made travel plans to Portugal.

Francis received a call from his brother’s girlfriend on July 17 while he awaited the results of a PCR test, which is needed for travel to nations on the amber list.

Shaul, who Francis described as the “healthiest guy” he knew, died at 1 a.m. the following morning.

‘If he wasn’t working out at the gym or jogging, he was out on walks,’ Francis recalled. He hadn’t drank in 15 years and followed a plant-based, whole-foods diet.’

A vaccination, Francis thinks, would have spared his brother’s life.

Despite being the “healthiest guy” Francis (right) knew, Shaul (left) died of coronavirus on July 18. (Picture: Media Wales)

Basil put a bookmark in his Bible that was a picture of Charmagne when she was in her twenties (Picture: Media Wales)

Francis got a sad call three days after his brother died, informing him that his father had also passed away.

On July 21, he landed in Portugal and was allowed to dress in full PPE to see his mother, who was in an induced coma.

On July 24, Charmagne, who suffered from an autoimmune illness, passed away.

Francis was forced to bury both his parents and brother in the same cemetery in Lisbon, Sao Joao, which has a section devoted to Covid-related fatalities.

‘They claimed they’d never seen three corpses from the same family come in together during Covid,’ he added.

Shaul, his brother’s “healthiest guy,” died only days before his father and mother (Picture: Media Wales)

Francis has returned to Wales and can now begin to comprehend his harrowing experience.

‘Now that I’m back home, I know everything will soak in a lot quicker since I won’t be rushing through things as much.’

‘I anticipate to feel overwhelmed since I’ll have time to reflect on what’s occurred.’

Francis praised his parents, saying that his father “would wear damaged shoes so (his children) might have the finest they could obtain” and that his mother was a “mother hen” who would go to any length for her sons.

Francis spoke to his brother as his “best buddy,” who enjoyed animation and was willing to “spend time helping others without expecting anything in return.”

He said that he chose to come out about his traumatic experience in order to persuade those who are scared of the vaccination to reconsider their positions.

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Seven people in the United States have died after refusing to get the flu shot this year, a record high for the current flu outbreak. The individuals all died within a week of refusing the vaccine, something the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Association of Immunologists say is unprecedented. According to the CDC, the current flu outbreak is the worst in a decade—and it is hitting hardest among those 65 years old, and especially those over 65, who are at the highest risk of death from the flu.. Read more about vaccine walesonline and let us know what you think.