Rick and Morty S5E8: Is Rick’s Original Beth Dead or Alive?

When Rick Sanchez hallucinates that the “original” Beth is dead, fans of the Adult Swim show were left wondering if that might be the case in the final season of the series, which is expected to air in 2024.  They are also pondering if the “real” Beth – who died in Season 4 of Rick and Morty: Season 1 – is actually dead or not.  In the show, Beth is the daughter of the original Rick and his wife, Summer, while the deceased Beth was actually a clone of the original Rick’s other daughter, Beth.

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Rick and Morty has often been described as an animated version of South Park. The creators of the show (Rick and Morty are Rick and Morty Smith, respectively) are a couple of guys from Los Angeles named Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The pair are known for taking the most bizarre concepts and giving them a television series, in this case, a show about a sociopathic scientist and his quest to adopt an intelligent alien baby with the help of his grandson (Roiland plays the scientist, Harmon is the grandson). It’s funny, dark, weird, and often genius satire of the show itself, and there is nothing quite like it. (For more information on the show, read the Wikipedia entry.)


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Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” season 5 episode 8 linked in closely with earlier plotlines, exposing more about Rick’s background than viewers had previously known. The episode left viewers with a lot of unanswered concerns, such as whether Rick’s original Beth is alive or dead. Despite the fact that fans have always been curious about this topic, the most recent episode provided fresh grounds to revisit the ideas.

This article contains MAJOR “Rick and Morty” season 5 episode 8 spoilers.

What Birdperson Thinks Happened to Rick’s Original Beth Was Revealed in the Most Recent Episode

Rick met a younger version of himself within Birdperson’s head in what may be one of the greatest episodes of the season thus far, while attempting to liberate Birdperson once and for all. Even though the younger version of himself was Birdperson’s recollection of Rick, viewers learned a lot about Rick’s history that they didn’t know before.

A moment in which this 35-year-old Rick (now referred to as Young Rick in this tale) questioned Rick about his present life was very revealing. Rick clarified that Morty is the “hypothetical grandchild we go on excursions with,” when Young Rick didn’t recognize the name.

Young Rick understood what was going on at that point. Following that, the characters said:

“You’re one of those creeps that moves in with abandoned adult Beths?” Young Rick asks. ”

“It’s more complex than that!” Rick exclaims. ”

“You live with a reincarnation of our deceased daughter…” says young Rick.

“Get off your high horse, Lone Ranger,” Rick says. It’s me, you. You’re going to be me.”

“Why do you think I’m terrified?” says young Rick. I’d feel comfortable strolling down the street past this. I’m thinking about giving it a dollar…”

Of course, we must bear in mind that these are Birdperson’s recollections of Rick, who was 35 at the time. This isn’t a canon version of Rick, who is 35 years old. We’re seeing what Birdperson thinks 35-year-old Rick knows and would say as a result of this.

So, according to this episode, Birdperson thinks Rick’s first Beth died before he reached the age of 35. It also indicates that Birdperson thinks Rick, 35, would be appalled if he discovered he was living with a replacement daughter. In many worlds, other Ricks leave their daughters if they survive to maturity, according to the discussion. (This last bit shouldn’t come as a surprise; the present Beth isn’t even Rick’s “original” Beth, as we know her from the Cronenberg world.)

The Reveal Has Consequences for Evil Morty Theories as Well

Rick’s first daughter Beth may have died before he reached 35, but we don’t know for sure. We do know it’s probable, however, since Rick and Birdperson are good friends, and this is what Birdperson thinks.

Birdperson was the one who informed Morty that wubba lubba dub dub meant “I’m in a lot of pain; please assist me,” and that his grandpa drank a lot to dull his agony. So, if anybody has a good feel on Rick’s true identity, it’s Birdperson.

Play Wubba lubba dub dub (I’m in a lot of agony, someone assist me) -Rick and MortyI hope you like this video. I haven’t posted in a while since I’ve been having WiFi issues. ignore: rick and morty wubba lubba dub dub rick and morty season 1 rick and morty season 2 rick and morty season 3 rick and morty season 4 rick and morty season 5 rick and morty wubba lubba dub dub rick and morty season 1 rick and morty season 2 rick and morty season 3 rick and morty season 4 rick and morty season 5 rick and morty season 5

If this information is correct, it has major ramifications for one of the most prominent Evil Morty theories. According to this hypothesis, Evil Morty is Rick’s original Morty, and Rick is attempting to make amends with a new Morty. However, since Rick’s first Beth died before he was 35, we may infer she didn’t survive long enough to produce a son who would become Evil Morty. The arithmetic just does not add up. As a result, Evil Morty’s origin is unknown.

Rick’s Season 3 Memory is also affected by the revelation.

Fans are also pointing out that this discovery has major ramifications for Rick’s “false memory” statement to the Galactic Federation in Season 3 Episode 1.

Rick and Morty Season 3 Rick’s “Backstory” it was the greatest April Fool’s prank they put it under family guy but broadcast this new episode instead2017-04-02T11:57:11Z

Rick’s younger self was working on creating a portal gun in the origin tale, which he later admitted was a lie. Another version of himself appeared to give him the actual thing, boasting about all the amazing things he could accomplish with it and how it would make him the smartest being in the world. “Sounds lonely,” Rick replied, dismissing the notion of being a deity since he was a different type of Rick.

Rick remarked to his wife Diane, “I don’t believe this scientific thing is going to pay off.” They decided to go out for ice cream instead, and the other dimension Rick appeared and murdered both Diane and Beth.

Some fans are now speculating that Young Rick’s disclosure in Season 5 Episode 8 may indicate that Rick’s recollection was genuine. Rick was, at the very least, being more truthful than he acknowledged at the time.

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The show is back, and the three-episode season begins with a bang. The episode begins with a flashback of an alternate Rick and Morty that is cut off by a black screen (similar to how the show started out). As the title suggests, is Rick’s original wife, Beth, dead or alive?. Read more about when does rick and morty drop on hulu and let us know what you think.

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No, Ricks original Beth is still alive and well.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is Ricks Morty the original?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Rick is the original Morty.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Who is Ricks crush?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Rick has a crush on his best friend.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Ricks original Beth die?

No, Ricks original Beth is still alive and well.

Is Ricks Morty the original?

Rick is the original Morty.

Who is Ricks crush?

Rick has a crush on his best friend.