6 Tips on How to Customize Your Phone and Make It Unique

When we buy a mobile phone, we often make a compromise between an attractive aesthetic appearance and a good operating system. We always calculate and wait for modern and newer generations, we spend a lot of money so that we can follow the trends and find the phone that is just right for us. In this sense, we have great news for all Android phone owners: it is possible to customize your phone almost completely to your needs.

You no longer have to research or buy new generations of phones, simply, in this guide, we will give you suggestions of applications that can help you with this. The only limitation that may exist is if you have an older generation of Android, although even then installations are possible, they will just be a shade more complicated. Owners of iOS and iPhone will still have bigger problems because these manufacturers have limited personalization, which almost made it impossible.

This story is very simple. Now you have the option not only to customize the background but also the bright launcher. Your phone will be unique and your needs will be met. You will no longer have to search for that ideal phone because you will make it yourself. There are no costs for this at all. Ok, you must be anxious to read what it’s all about, so here we go:

1. Dove Icon Pack

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Perhaps one of the first changes that almost every customer makes is changing the home screen. However, here we are talking about both the background and the icons that appear when unlocking the phone. Considering that we look at the home screen the most, it is clear that we want it to be a nice and pleasant sight. Therefore, we suggest Dove Icon Pack as one application with the most diverse selection of icons and wallpapers. We are sure that you will find what suits you from the 3,100 different icons offered. Most of the icons and wallpapers that you may find attractive can be downloaded completely free of charge, while some need to be paid a symbolic amount.

2. Tune

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In addition to changing the wallpaper, consumers most often change their phone’s ringtone. No one wants to listen to annoying sounds while their phone rings every day. Maybe you want a different ringtone to ring depending on who is calling you. All this can be personalized to make the owner of the phone feel comfortable. That’s why we offer you the ultimate platform for downloading ringtones and popular melodies. When you open the get-ringtone.com app.

You can browse through a huge number of ringtones that are tailored to your phone. For easier navigation and finding your favorite melody, you can search by category: reggae, rock, POP, Jazz, country, and many others. Over 30,000 ringtones you can download for free

3. Minimal KWGT

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Once you’ve personalized the wallpaper and ringtone, it’s time to customize the widgets. If you have used widgets before, then you understand how important they are for phone personalization. In order not to wander through the menu in search of different applications, place them in specific widgets. On the Minimal KWGT platform, you can find over 60 different widgets with a predominantly minimalist style. Personalize the calendar, music player, and weather forecast. For an even better result, install the KWGT pro version.

4. Movie Edge

If you like to listen to music and do it often, this will be a very interesting application for you. This is quite simple but also a very special application that will connect to all applications for listening to music on your phone, whether it is Spotify or YouTube. To be more precise: this is an application that will offer you great visualizations around the screen while listening to music. Of course, you can adjust the colors and control the visualizer or combine your favorite ones.

5. Volume Styles

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Another great app when it comes to sound. If you have downloaded your favorite songs and made playlists, and added a visual effect to them, this application will be of great use to you. Although you can adjust the volume on your phone, this app will give you a whole new perspective on this ability. It will allow you to change the accent, mode, and position of the sound adjustment slider. In this way, everything will be set only for you. In addition to the sound volume, you can also adjust the lighting and all this with just one application. You will be offered different topics from which you can find the one that suits you best. This app is compatible with most androids.

6. One Shade

Believe it or not, there is now an option to personalize the quick (drop-down) menu on android phones. In addition to visually customizing and modernizing your quick menu and notification panel, this application also offers you the option to set a quick menu that will stand on the edge of your screen. So, if your hands are too busy, just click on the edge of the screen with your fingertip and your quick menu is there. This application is completely free and we are sure you will be delighted with how helpful it will be. You will still have to shell out a little money for a slightly more advanced version.

7. Personalization you already have on your phone

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In addition to a large number of great applications that can be of use to you, your phone can be largely personalized without an additional installation. Changing the wallpaper is very easy: hold your finger a little longer on an empty part of your screen and then select the Styles & wallpapers option, after which you can choose Wallpapers. Here you get the option to choose an image from the ones offered or from your gallery which you can set as the background of your locked or unlocked phone.

In the same way (by long pressing on an empty field of the screen) you can select the Widgets option with the help of which you can organize as you wish. Android phones also allow you to combine, change and move the icons on your screen. You can also set web shortcuts, adjust the brightness of the screen and even choose the theme that suits you best.

As we have already stated, android phones give us this possibility, unlike iPhone phones. Therefore, they already contain certain models for modernization and personalization. However, with the help of applications that you can download for free, you will have more choices and much more choices and possibilities. They will help you make the look and menu of your phone customized just for you. Take your phone’s features to the next level and you’ll feel like you’ve just bought a brand new last-generation phone. In addition to the applications that we have singled out as verified, you can find a huge number of others, all depending on your aspirations.